Sell Your Home in Columbia, SC

Selling a home in Columbia, South Carolina

Looking to sell your home? Contact us to get connected with a licensed South Carolina agent who can help you list, market and sell your home:

  • Extensive, custom and creative online targeted marketing campaign
  • Best of the best professional home photography
  • Utilizing market relationships & negotiation to get you in front of more buyers and get the highest price possible

Selling using an agent here in Columbia, SC, can help make the process seamless for you, get you in front of the most qualified buyers who are looking to pay premium prices, and allow you to walk away with much more in your pocket than if you chose to list FSBO or go a different route.

Selling your home can be a confusing process if you don’t know where to start.

In the U.S., you have two options, you can either list your own home ‘For Sale by Owner’ on different platforms, or you can hire a real estate agent to list, market and be in your corner to negotiate for you.

Other than the fact we are an amazing team, with incredible online marketing skills & relationships with others in the space, houses sold with an agent have been shown to go for much higher prices than houses sold without one.

The National Association of Realtors data shows the average home sold with an agent last year went for $280,000 while the average home sold by the owner went for $80K less at $200,000.

Agents have access to more listing and marketing materials, they know the market and are able to better price and negotiate your home, and using one can help you earn much more even when you factor in a 3% agent fee.

Let’s take a look at some quick math:

$200,000 * .97 that you keep = $194,000 is the average take home on the average FSBO deal.

$280,000 * .94 = $263,200 is the average take home on the average agent-listed deal.

The numbers above make it pretty clear that the average agent-sold home allowed the client to pocket over $69K more than those who chose to wing it on their own without an agent.

Looking forward to talking soon and helping you market, position, negotiate and sell your Columbia SC house soon!

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