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Affordable Columbia, South Carolina housing can be searched for using the website. makes it easy to search for affordable housing, and is a great way to start your search. When you need more help and want to start viewing properties, you can contact our team to have a dedicated agent by your side helping you with the process.

You can also contact a Columbia Realtor here and get put in touch with someone to help you find your dream affordable rental property, or dream affordable home.

One advantage of choosing to own your home, even an inexpensive one at a low monthly payment, is you build up equity each month with your rent payment, so your “rent”, aka, your mortgage payments are going toward fully owning the home, as opposed to when you rent a home, your monthly “rental” payments simply disappear into thin air never to be seen again.

You can talk with one of our agents about the advantages of owning a home versus renting a home, and which is right for your specific situation.

Section 8 Administrative Plan

If you are a Section 8 beneficiary or want to see if you qualify or how to apply, you can look at the Section 8 detail page here for more information.

One thing to note is that this program fills up quickly and is usually on a waitlist, so you it may not be available when you want or need it.

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