Public Housing – Columbia South Carolina

Public Housing in Columbia, South Carolina

Started in 1934 and sponsored by the government, the Columbia Housing program is able to provide affordable housing to around 15,000 Columbia city residents with more than 2200 affordable housing units for families with low and median incomes.

To apply for public affordable housing in Columbia, South Carolina, you can check the Columbia Housing CHCares website and apply there.

The majority of these affordable low to moderate income properties are near buses, schools, churches and shopping centers.

There is maintenance available on-site for the residents and families in the larger housing communities with more units in one area.

Columbia Police substations and presence are also established in two of the communities: Gonzales Gardens and Latimer Manor.

To find a full list directly of the properties the government sponsored Columbia Housing owns and manages or to ask any other questions, you can contact their employee directory.

Housing Choice Vouchers

The federal US government HUD department created housing choice vouchers to help assist low-income families, elderly, and the disabled to afford housing that is clean, safe and good enough to live in, and to be able to buy that housing on the private market.

Housing assistance with the vouchers allows individuals or families to use the voucher to find and pay for their own housing whether that is a single-family home, a townhouse, or an apartment. The person with the voucher can choose any type of housing as long as it fits program requirements and is not limited to only units located in subsidized housing projects.

Public Housing Agencies (PHA’s) administer housing choice vouchers to those who qualify. PHAs get federal funds from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which they use to administer the voucher program.

The PHA also determines minimum standards of health and safety that the units must meet.

The housing subsidy is paid directly to the unit’s landlord by PHA on behalf of the qualifying family. The family then has the responsibility to pay the difference between the rent charged and the subsidy directly to the landlord. In some circumstances when approved by the PHA, a family can use its voucher to purchase a modest home to live in.

Who is eligible for a housing voucher?

The PHA determines eligibility for the housing vouchers based on the annual gross income and family size. It is limited to only US citizens and specified non-citizen categories who have eligible immigration status.

A general guideline is that the family’s income can’t exceed 50% of the median income for the county or metropolitan area where the family is choosing to live.

By law, a PHA is required to give 75 percent of its budget as vouchers to applicants with incomes under 30 percent of the area’s median income. HUD publishes median income levels which vary by location. If you have questions you can contact the PHA in your community to get the current income limits for your area and family size.