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Kershaw County Real Estate

Kershaw County is a vibrant place to live and look for real estate. The county includes a lot of preserved history alongside many new buildings and progress.

It has a growing population of over 63,000 residents spread over 750 square miles.

Residents enjoy a very high quality of life and are only minutes away from the state’s capital Columbia making it easy to drive in and out of the center of the city area often. Driving from Kershaw to Columbia, you’ll cross through the cities of Camden and Lugoff.

You may also want to consider looking for Camden homes and Lugoff homes since they are near Kershaw and also great places to look for real estate.

You can also easily drive up in the Northeast direction from Kershaw to look at Cassatt homes and Bethune homes, or simply to visit the other cities once you live in Kershaw or a surrounding area. Kershaw is in a great location with easy access to activities and other nearby cities.

Kershaw County History

Kershaw County has a rich history and is the location of over a dozen Revolutionary War battles that happened around 200 years ago.

The first English settlers arrived in Kershaw County in 1732, migrating from the Charleston coast, where they lived for almost 50 years before the famous Revolutionary War battles started.

Camden, named after Charles Pratt, Lord of Camden, was one of the first areas they established. Camden is the oldest inland city in the state of South Carolina.

That battles in this area and the surrounding areas are commemorated in the 107 acre Historic Camden Revolutionary War Site. This is an outdoor museum where those visiting can get an inside look at what life was like during the Colonial and Revolutionary War in Camden and Kershaw County.

Residents get to enjoy the area’s history the first weekend of November each year with the county’s Revolutionary War Field Days. This festival has activities that include a Battle of Camden re-enactment, living history demonstrations, traditional craftsmen, and even a period fashion show.

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