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Cola, SC – 5 Reasons to Live in Columbia, South Carolina

Cola, SC Why live in Columbia South Carolina?

If you’ve been wondering why you should consider moving to Columbia, South Carolina, wonder no more, you’re in the right place.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should consider moving to Cola, SC, or at least visiting:

  1. It’s affordable. If you’re looking to spend less than you would living in most other parts of the US, Columbia South Carolina has you covered.It’s been featured as one of the top 25 most affordable places to live in the US.The cost of housing in Columbia, SC, also affectionately known as Cola, is 11% lower than average US housing prices.Median home price is also around $164,200 and median rent around $853, making one of the more affordable places to live and own or rent a home in the US. You can search the current Columbia Houses For Sale here.
  2. Job opportunities.With companies including Prisma Health, BlueCross BlueShield, AT&T, and the University of South Carolina based in Columbia, SC, it has a healthy healthcare and technology business sector. You can apply for jobs at one of these companies or at one of the many other companies based here.
  3. Dozens of colleges. Whether you want to go to college at one of the dozens of Columbia-based universities, or you simply enjoy being in an area humming with college activity, Columbia has you covered.The University of South Carolina is the US’s 44th best public college with over 80 undergrad programs and 250 graduate programs, making it a great choice for someone’s first college experience or anyone looking to go back and get a graduate degree.Columbia College is also a great choice for those looking for a good value education, and of course you can take a look at the many other colleges the area offers as well.
  4. It’s sunny. With 217 sunny days a year, you’ll enjoy warm, pleasant weather the majority of the year in Cola. No more needs to be said. Warm weather. You’re already packing your bags now, right?
  5. There are fun things to do.When moving somewhere, you likely want to have fun activities and things to do on your own or with your family.Columbia, SC, has many fun activities you won’t find elsewhere.If you like museums and art, you can visit the Columbia Museum of Art, the Koger Center for the Arts and the Township Auditorium, and the city has lots of live music and other art galleries ready to explore.

    For kids and those interested in science, the South Carolina State Museum is a great choice with a planetarium, observatory and 4-D theatre.

    The EdVenture Museum has hands-on activities for kids who like science and technology. For a fun zoo day, try visiting the Riverbanks Zoo & Garden that has over 2,000 animals and 4,000 plant types.



    If you enjoy fishing, boating and water sports and activities, you can also head out to Lake Murray, and enjoy the beautiful lake and water activities.

    You can also go hiking, one of my favorite activities, in trails near the Riverbanks Zoo Garden where you can find the remains of the Saluda River factory. Or you can even go kayaking in the nearby river there.

    Or visit a park in the city area including the including Congaree National Park.

Now that I’ve convinced you to fall in love with Columbia, SC, have fun visiting or moving when you do get a chance to.